5 cleaning intensities
Powerful rechargeable battery
Automatic shut-off

Main features

Last but not least is this ultrasonic cleaner from DDKJ. It comes with 5 cleaning modes that are easy to switch and 3 cleaning heads to meet your needs at the moment. In particular, there are two pointy cleaning heads and one flat. Unfortunately, there is no toothbrush head. The majority of ultrasonic cleaners on this list have a toothbrush head included in the box, making themselves more versatile and multipurpose. Despite this minor inconvenience, DDKJ has more things to offer. It features a powerful 1500mAh built-in Lithium battery that, once charged, lasts for a long time. Not to mention that DDKJ also has an automatic shut-off function after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Design and Use

In terms of design, DDKJ does not differ much from the rest of devices on this list. With a simple one-button operation, DDKJ is ultimately very easy to master. You just press a button, and the cleaning modes change in an increasing order, from soft all the way to super strong. The other button on the device is for the LED light, which is also useful if you need to see areas behind your teeth.

🪥 Value

For what it is, DDKJ is definitely priced reasonably. It has all you need for effective cleaning – multiple cleaning heads (despite missing a toothbrush head), simple one-button operation, and a powerful battery that you don’t need to recharge every other day. So, you can’t really go wrong with this one.