Up to 30,000 vibrations per minute
USB charging
45-degree mirror included
5 cleaning intensities
Two brush heads

Main features

Another great product on our list is this ultrasonic scaler from Envision. Perhaps the most exquisite part about this ultrasonic teeth cleaner is that it can reach an impressive number of 30,000 vibrations per minute. Essentially this means that you get an almost perfect teeth cleaning. Combine it with the brush head and you will have a smile of an angel in no time. This product also has quick charging feature. Just attach the USB port to any of your charger heads and you are good to go! A single charge can last you up to 200 uses, so you can easily take it wherever you want to. Even if you run out of battery when you’re on a trip abroad, you can easily charge Envision with a power bank.

Design and Use

Another good thing about Envision is that it comes with 45-degree angle mirror that lets you check the back of your teeth properly. All dentists use these mirrors and having one at home would make matters even better. With a little mirror like that you can check which teeth are clean and which ones are not. Envision also features a LED light that also guides you through the areas of your mouth you need to target. A combination of both the mirror and the light would most likely lead to fantastic results. Not to forget that there are five cleaning intensity levels so you can adjust it to suit your preference.

🪥 Value

Generally speaking, Envision is a nice product. It has great cleaning power and a lot of useful features. However, it is quite short on cleaning heads (only two included in the package) and some people complained that they face difficulties charging it (issues with the power plug). Despite that, Envision has a ton of positive reviews and clearly offers good value for money, so if you want to, you can go for it.