High cleaning frequency
Four interchangeable heads
Three cleaning modes
Integrated LED light
Slip-resistant silicone handle

Main features

Our second pick on this list is Foraa ultrasonic cleaner. This is an absolutely delightful product with a bunch of exciting features as well. With the help of Foraa, you can achieve a more thorough daily cleaning as this device can reach the vibration frequency of 40KHz. This device is definitely a powerful ally when it comes to fighting plaque, tartar, or calculus. Foraa ultrasonic cleaner also features slip-resistance silicone handle to ensure secure grip and convenience of use. Last but not least, there are 3 cleaning modes of different intensity, namely high, medium, and low. Thanks to this feature, Foraa adapts to anyone’s needs and different gum sensitivity.

Design and Use

Foraa comes with four interchangeable cleaning heads in order to meet different dental care demands. The package also includes one stainless steel mirror and steel dental scaler, making the use of Foraa even more convenient when you use the two tools together. Thanks to that, Foraa becomes somewhat multipurpose – it can quickly and effectively remove plaque, tartar, and stains. You can also choose between three cleaning intensity levels to adapt to your gums. It's as convenient as it gets!

🪥 Value

Generally speaking, Foraa is a nice device that definitely has a lot to offer. However, some customers have complained that the interchangeable heads break quite easily. It doesn’t seem to be a frequent occurrence; however, it does not add to the charm of Foraa. The device itself is not expensive, so if you’re not afraid of this one drawback, then you might be completely satisfied with this Foraa scaler.